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Breakers and fuses serve as protection for your electrical system when the flow of electricity reaches unsafe levels. They are designed to trip or turn off as soon as they detect too much current passing through as a result of overloading or power surges. Homes and businesses across the Atlanta Metro area are equipped with breakers and fuses to prevent electrical problems, and Kalahari Electrical Services has the skill and expertise to tackle any job related to these essential electrical components.

Learn more about how our Lawrenceville electricians can help with your breakers and fuses at 678-665-2309.

Choosing between Circuit Breakers & Fuses

Power surges and current overload can be immensely dangerous. They can damage the appliances in your space, or even cause a fire. All properties have panels that use fuses or breakers to prevent overheating, reduce stress on your system, and protect your home.

If you are currently contemplating whether to get a fuse or a circuit breaker, it might help to know the clear difference between the two. While breakers contain an internal device that activates when power surges, fuses use a metal that melts when circuits become overloaded.

The melting metal within the fuse turns off the electrical current and protects your valuable appliances. These will need replacement but are generally an affordable and easy job for our skilled electricians. In contrast, breakers have less reaction time but can be reset and reused after a surge. Every option should be discussed with an experienced electrician, like ours at Kalahari Electrical Services, before making a choice for your property.

What Should I do if my Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

When a surge of energy overloads a circuit, like in the case of a lightning strike or heavily stressed outlet drawing too much current, the breaker’s safeguard is to switch the circuit to the OFF position. You can get your power back by following these three easy steps:

  1. Turn off all the lights and appliances affected by the power outage. Switch everything you can to the OFF position. If your TV went out and it doesn’t have a manual OFF switch, unplug it. It’s best not to have any electronics drawing electricity when the circuit breaker is reset (in step 3 below), or further damage could be done. The sudden surge of power could adversely affect your home computer, fan, or gaming system, for example.
  2. Find your circuit box and search for the breaker(s) in the OFF position. Some circuit breakers have a red or orange color if they are switched OFF.
  3. Flip the breaker from OFF to ON. Then, simply turn back on the appliances and devices you turned off in step 1, and you should be fine. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it’s time to call in an expert like Kalahari-Electrical.

How do I Find What is Tripping my Circuit Breaker?

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, there could be a serious issue, often caused by general wear and tear on the circuit breaker itself that may require installing a new one. If your circuit breaker continues to trip because of issues caused by wear and tear, the underlying problem is typically one of the following:

  • Short Circuit: A short circuit is common and potentially dangerous. This is when a “hot wire” is contacting a neutral wire in an electrical outlet, which causes an overload of current to flow through the circuit, creating heat. The circuit breaker automatically shuts off in cases like these to prevent an electrical fire.
  • Overloaded Circuit: Another common occurrence is a simple, overloaded circuit. If your electrical system or certain circuits can’t handle the amps coming through the circuit, it will flip the breaker, and possibly damage electronics or even start a fire.
  • Ground Fault: This is when a hot wire and bare ground wire are both touching the metal box housing them. This sets off a chain reaction that pushes more electricity through the circuit than it’s supposed to hold, which repeatedly trips the breaker. A ground fault, or ground fault surge, will usually burn an outlet.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether considering options for new construction or seeking repair for your current breakers and fuses, Kalahari Electrical Services is right for the job. We can identify the right solution for your specific energy needs and property type.

Customers choose our Lawrenceville electrical services because:

  • We offer upfront pricing so you know what to expect
  • Our electricians provide friendly customer service
  • Someone is always available to take your call, 24/7
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our electricians have received many accolades from Angie’s List

Our professional, friendly, and trained electricians are always ready to help if you need a service for your breakers and fuses. We get right to work with the highest standard of care for any of your electrical needs, day or night.

Discuss your options with our service team by calling 678-665-2309 today.

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