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When you need electrical work done in Lawrenceville, let Kalahari Electrical Services be your go-to company for safe, professional, and reliable assistance. Electrical is essential for the complete functioning of many modern buildings. When wires are shorting or lights aren’t working, you need quick solutions to keep your home or business humming. Read more about our full-service repair, replacement, and installation specialties below.


Lighting not only helps illuminate dark spaces, but it can also serve as aesthetic support for the overall design and feel of a room. Whether in a home or business, lighting can be one of the most important design decisions made for space. For proper and professional lighting installation, you can rely on the experts at Kalahari.

Indoor Lighting

You have many modern solutions to choose from for your indoor lighting needs. From energy-efficient LED bulbs, natural ambiance, and smart technology, you can create the right look and function for any room in your home or business. Our experts will properly install your new fixtures and make sure your current system is compatible with the energy requirements of each new piece. Before replacing every bulb in your home with LEDs, have our experts inspect your electrical to make sure they won’t burn out every couple of months due to compatibility issues.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting helps support the safety and function of your outdoor spaces. From business pathways to backyards, our lighting experts can help you update and transform your outdoor light to fit your needs. From basic outdoor lighting to security-level lighting, our team is trained to install any type of outdoor lighting solution you require.


Outdated wiring can be putting your home or business at risk of fire or other electrical-related disasters. Not only that, but wiring techniques of the past also weren’t designed to handle the electrical load that our modern homes and businesses require to constantly run our appliances, computers, televisions, and other devices. It may be time for an update on your wiring if:

  • Your lights flicker often.
  • You can hear buzzing coming from plugged-in appliances and devices.
  • Breakers are constantly tripping.
  • Your building or home is more than 40 years old and the wiring is original.

If you have never had your wiring inspected, call our professionals for a thorough examination. Kalahari experts will walk you through potential problem spots and let you know if your wiring is robust enough to meet the current electrical demands of your household. They will also offer solutions to get your wiring up to code and safe for daily usage.

Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel serves as a gateway between the electrical supply for your home and the wiring that carries the current throughout your walls. Like old wiring, an older panel may not be sufficient for today’s modern electrical requirements. Panels that have needed multiple repairs or haven’t been replaced in decades may require replacement sooner rather than later. Modern panels will serve the needs of your home much better, especially if you have already started noticing issues with your electricity. Contact us about your upgrade options today.


Whether you are looking to replace a single broken outlet in your home or want to modernize every outlet in your building, the experts at Kalahari are ready to assist. We can help switch out your old 2-pronged outlets with safer and more modern 3-pronged outlets, install USB capable outlets, and make sure your bathrooms and kitchens are up to code and equipped with GCFI outlet solutions. Save yourself and your appliances from electrical damage with a safe and effective outlet upgrade for your home or business with help from Kalahari.

Safety Inspections and Installations

Electricity may be taken for granted in today’s world, but it still requires a certain level of respect and care to keep from endangering those living in your home or visiting your business. With the installation of certain safety features and regular inspections, you can ensure the well-being of your family members and patrons. Learn more about electrical safety options below.


As a business, you may be required to keep up on electrical inspections from year to year. However, residential properties can also benefit from this useful service. You may not realize how close your wiring is to spark a fire or how outdated your wiring is until you have it inspected. With the expertise of Kalahari professionals, you can make sure your electrical is working safely and is up to code. If anything is needing to be repaired or replaced, we will provide you with solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Surge Protection

Power surges can happen at any time and come from either within a building or outside of a building. A surge protector prevents damaging surges from ruining your electronics and appliances. Without proper protection, you could be out thousands of dollars having to replace anything that was plugged in at the time of the surge. Ask us about this simple installation process today.

Backup Generators

Power outages are uncomfortable for homeowners and can be costly for business owners. Protect yourself from the uncertainty of power outages by investing in a backup generator today. Our experts can help point you to the right system for your needs.

Smoke Detectors

Do you know if your smoke detectors are working as they should? Don’t leave it to chance. Call our professionals for inspection, repair, and replacement service for the smoke detectors in your home or business.

Emergency Electrical Services

If an electrical emergency has left you without power or has caused extensive damage to your wiring, don’t hesitate to call Kalahari for immediate service. Before contacting us, ensure your safety by turning off your electricity and call 911 if a fire is threatening your home or business. As soon as you notice a potentially dangerous situation with your electrical, don’t risk waiting another day to have it fixed. Call the experts at Kalahari to take care of it as soon as possible.

From the Owners

Our customers here are our number one concern: we treat them as if it was our own home. We pride ourselves on being on time. We give a standard hour window and work to meet you within that time. One of the owners, Joseph Cloer or Jan Rossouw, normally answer the phone so you do get to talk to an electrician directly and discuss your problem with us so we can give you advice over the phone. We have a saying here: we would rather over-do it than to have to do it over. If you are in need of an electrician, give Kalahari a call. We will take care of your residential, commercial, and emergency electrical needs.

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