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With over 15 years of experience, Kalahari Electrical Services has the knowledge and reliable service you can count on in Scottdale, GA. Each of our electricians is highly trained and has the knowledge to handle any electrical repair, replacement, or installation your home or business requires. Our areas of expertise are highlighted below.

Electrical Repair and Replacement

Electrical repairs can be quite the daunting task to take on alone. Without the proper tools or knowledge, you could be putting your house or business in danger. Kalahari Electrical Services can ensure the safety of your space and its ability to keep up with modern technology.

Outlet Repair, Replacement, and Upgrade

Upgrading your outlets is a great way to improve the functionality of your space so that it better serves you. If you’re looking to install modern outlets with USB ports or Wi-fi connectivity, we have the knowledge you need to get things up and running.

Even if you’re not looking to upgrade yet, there’s a chance your outlets still need repair or replacement. If you’re seeing any of the following signs, it’s time to call in an electrician to prevent potential electrical fires or related complications:

  • Signs of burning 
    • melting
    • warm to touch
    • burning smell
    • scorch marks
    • sparks
    • “popping” noises
  • Cracked outlet cover
  • Plugs falling out of outlet
  • Outlets with two prongs instead of three

Wiring and Rewiring

The wiring in your home or building is meant to safely move electricity throughout your space. However, loose connections, weak lines, wiring issues, or old materials can all contribute to electrical problems. Whether you’re facing less-effective appliances or potential electrical fire, having a professional take a look at this essential part of your property is an important step toward safety.

Electrical Panel Repair, Replacement, and Compatibility

With the advances of modern technology, electrical panels can quickly fall behind and struggle to transmit enough power to all the appliances and plugs that need it. If you’ve noticed flickering lights or a strange buzzing noise from any of your outlets, you might need an electrical panel replacement.

To prevent your system from being overworked, it’s best to have a professional electrician check out your electrical panel. On top of ensuring the safety of your system, an electrician can make sure your panel’s capabilities are on-par with the usage in your home or building. This is particularly important if you’ve recently upgraded multiple appliances or have high-powered tech in your home.

Emergency Electrician Availability

We know that emergencies don’t wait until 9am to strike. That’s why we have emergency availability. Whether you need our services in the aftermath of an electrical fire, during an unexplained power outage, or fear your home is in immediate danger due to sparking plugs or odd noises from your system, Kalahari Electrical Services has the knowledge and the tools you need to stay safe.

Important: During an immediate emergency like a fire, you should always turn off your power if it’s safe to do so and call 911.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

If you’re looking to take on some home improvements, investing in modern lighting fixtures can not only save you money, but also create a much more inviting space in your home or business. If you’re looking for a lighting service that can provide quality lighting design suggestions while still ensuring your safety, Kalahari Electrical Services is more than ready to take on your next installation or lighting upgrade.

Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Installing or upgrading your outdoor lighting around your home or business is a great way to ensure the safety of your family or customers, as well as add a new layer of appeal to your space. Flood lights ensure you can navigate your outdoor space comfortably, motion-sensor lights can deter unwelcome guests, and walkway lighting can protect against trips and falls.

Indoor Lighting and New Fixtures

Lighting is where functionality meets creativity. Looking to modernize the lighting in your home? A Kalahari electrician can help you figure out how to make the most of your space. Whether you’re looking to install exciting lighting fixtures or want to give the illusion of naturally diffused light throughout your home or office, we can help you create a space you cherish.

Electrical Inspections and Safety

When it comes to the safety of your home and business, catching the problem before it arises is your best option. Our recommendation is a yearly inspection.

Electrical Inspections

Having a regular electrical inspection is the best way to be sure your fixtures and wiring are up to code. Unexplainable issues? Not sure how long it’s been since you’ve had an inspection? It’s best to follow your gut instinct and have it all checked out. Investing in an electrical inspection can save you thousands in damages down the road.

Surge Protection and Electrical Safety

Power surges can occur anytime and are characterized by their surprise factor. Don’t let an unexpected surge destroy your outlets and appliances. Installing a surge protector ensures that stray power currents move down into the ground instead of into your expensive electrical fixtures.

Smoke Detector Installation

It’s no secret that smoke detectors are incredibly important warning systems in our homes. Can’t remember the last time you had your smoke detectors inspected? A quick check from one of our technicians can determine whether they’re ready to go, need repair, or require replacement. We’ll make sure you have the tools to stay safe – without selling you products and services you don’t need.

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From the Owners

Our customers here are our number one concern: we treat them as if it was our own home. We pride ourselves on being on time. We give a standard hour window and work to meet you within that time. One of the owners, Joseph Cloer or Jan Rossouw, normally answer the phone so you do get to talk to an electrician directly and discuss your problem with us so we can give you advice over the phone. We have a saying here: we would rather over-do it than to have to do it over. If you are in need of an electrician, give Kalahari a call. We will take care of your residential, commercial, and emergency electrical needs.

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It is extremely rare to find an electrician who is that knowledgeable, but also just as kind and patient.

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We have used several other companies but will not ever again


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