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We all take electricity for granted. When we want to use an appliance, charge a phone or turn on the lights, we expect them to work. When they don’t, we realize how essential electricity is to our daily lives.

If your electricity isn’t working correctly, it could be a relatively benign issue. On the other hand, faulty electricity could be the sign of a much bigger problem that could potentially lead to a dangerous situation. 

Kalahari Electrical Services is here to help you with all of your electrical concerns. Our electricians have a level of expertise that’s unmatched in the Snellville, GA area. We can quickly diagnose and fix whatever electrical problems you have. We can also help you proactively prevent issues. 

It’s not all about fixing what’s wrong, though. Our electricians have years of experience in lighting design to provide your home with the extra oomph it needs.

Let’s Be Safe

When dealing with electricity, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. A breaker that continually trips may just seem like an annoying problem, but it could be the sign of a much larger electrical issue.

While some people can easily reset a tripped breaker, most homeowners shouldn’t attempt to solve electrical problems themselves. You should call a licensed and experienced electrician to diagnose and fix any potential issues.

If a circuit breaker continually trips when you use certain appliances, it may be a sign that your Snellville home can’t handle the electrical load you’re asking it to. If this often happens in your home, it can also be a clue that you need an upgraded fuse box.

Power surges could be another source of your faulty fuses. These electrical surges can damage devices plugged into wall outlets. What’s worse, if the surge is powerful enough, it can even cause a fire.

If you’re experiencing similar problems at your home, you should call Kalahari Electrical Services. One of our electricians can come to your home and examine the electrical configuration. We’ll make sure the system is up-to-date and safe. If it’s not, we can rectify the problem in no time.

We can replace outdated fuse boxes or even install a whole-house surge protector to ensure that you don’t have issues with power surges.

If you’re looking to purchase a home in the Snellville area, we also perform full electrical inspections. If there’s an electrical issue, it’s always best to have it addressed before you and your family move into the home.

Make Your Home Shine with Lighting Design

Electricity doesn’t have to be all function; it can have a beautiful design, too. The right lighting can completely transform a room or take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

The electricians at Kalahari Electrical Services have years of experience in creating unique lighting design systems. Inside your home, we can help make your home feel cozy, warm, and inviting with intricate designs.

We don’t merely install new lighting packages into existing sockets. We can help you think outside the box to install a new lighting package that can highlight artwork, for example, or provide mood lighting to a library or lounge area.

Outside your home, we can create a landscape lighting system to give you form, feel, and function. We can illuminate walkways and driveways with the right combination of lighting elements. We can also emphasize elements of your landscape or your home that you want to show off.

We can create a backyard lighting package that will keep the party rocking into the night. There’s no need for natural light when you have the right outdoor lighting package.

Kalahari Electrical Services can also help you upgrade your home security using floodlights with motion sensors. These lights will deter criminals from trying to break into your home.

We’re Available 24/7

Sometimes, electrical problems happen late at night, in the morning, or on the weekend. That’s why we have someone ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

If you have an emergency electrical issue in the Snellville area, we can help you diagnose and quickly fix the problem. Not all electrical problems are dangerous, but it’s always better to play it safe.

If you have a question or concern about a particular electrical issue in your home, give us a call, and we’ll provide you with expert guidance. We’ll send our experienced electricians to your home to examine the situation and give you peace of mind.

We’re Your Trusted Electrical Resource in the Snellville, GA Area

Kalahari Electrical Services has been the most trusted electrical services provider in the Snellville, GA region for more than 20 years. We’ve been providing our customers with the best service at affordable prices for years.

We make sure that all of our licensed electricians have experience in a wide range of electrical areas, which allows us to serve you in whatever way you need — whether it be an upgrade, a fix, or an inspection. Our focus on quality and customer service helps us stand out from the competition.

Kalahari Electrical Services has expert technicians standing by to take your call 24/7. Call us today at (678) 665-2309.

From the Owners

Our customers here are our number one concern: we treat them as if it was our own home. We pride ourselves on being on time. We give a standard hour window and work to meet you within that time. One of the owners, Joseph Cloer or Jan Rossouw, normally answer the phone so you do get to talk to an electrician directly and discuss your problem with us so we can give you advice over the phone. We have a saying here: we would rather over-do it than to have to do it over. If you are in need of an electrician, give Kalahari a call. We will take care of your residential, commercial, and emergency electrical needs.

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It is extremely rare to find an electrician who is that knowledgeable, but also just as kind and patient.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the professional services of Kalahari Electric.

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I am extremely satisfied with the work that they did.

Michael C.

We have used several other companies but will not ever again


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